Nina Contoravdis

Hi friends,

My story is this...I became an Indepenent Distributor for the plain fact that when something can help people get healthy, feel amazing, look great  & doesn't break the bank, I am going to share it with all my family & friends.  

I'm a mother of three young boys that are very active and very busy with social, academic & athletic activities.  That being said, it's very hard at times to eat & drink healthy meals on a daily.  I wanted to get myself and my family healthy.  After gaining 15 pounds on a summer vacation that I didn't hold back any tasty drinks or delicious meals, I was determined to lose the weight & feel good in my skin again!

After seeing before and after posts on Facebook from a girlfriend of mine, I finally asked her how she looked so thin.  She then told me about her light exercise routine, she changed her eating habits & she was Wrapping..??  "What's Wrapping", I said...Well that pretty much changed my next few weeks and my life.

I tried one Ultimate Body Applicator, saw amazing results and was shocked at how my body felt and looked. I was flatter & more tight.  Then I tried a second and then a third!  I was also watching my Sugar Calories (carbs X 4) and light walking.  By the third application of the Wrap, 3 1/2 weeks in, (along with watching carbs & light walking), I lost 4" and 15 pounds.  I was also drinking The Greens once daily (my favorite is berry flavored) and taking the Fat Fighter after every meal.

When I realized that these products really work, they're easy and affordable, I have  to share them with my family and friends!  I want everyone to feel as good as I do! So I became an Independent Distributer.  

I am having fun, throwing Wrap Parties, making great friends, traveling, working as hard, or not so hard,  as I want and getting paid to do all of that!  It Works! Global takes care of their Distributers.  We earn bonuses, free product, discounted items & treat you even more VIP style when you climb the ranks.  I am looking forward to my future with It Works! and all that it has to offer.  Staying home with my family and working the way I want to work has made me very happy.  I'm still a hard worker, motivated & excited about what I do, I just absolutely love it!!

If you are interested in joining my team and exploring this amazing journey It Works! has to offer, contact me.  But only if you're ready to change your life & the lives of others by helping them & sharing with them, how to get fit & healthy.  Please be ready to have fun, be motivated & enjoy your work!

Well that's my story!  I'm happy, I feel great and I love the way I feel in my skin again!  But what I love more is how sharing these amazing products help others get toned, get tighter and feel and look amazing!

Contact me with any questions.  Thanks for reading!  Now let's start Wrapping & drinking our Greens!!!

Nina Contoravdis 

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